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Dakota Natural Solutions (DNS) has been a dream in the making for many years. When the Wessington middle/high school closed down, our CEO did not waste time in buying it in 2005. Although it was used as a call center for one of his other businesses for many years, there was always a dream in the back of his mind: grow weed there

After years of waiting and waiting (and some more waiting), that dream was finally starting to become a plan when medical cannabis became legalized in South Dakota. Finally after renovations and many months of determination, the thumbs up were given to begin cultivation on March 14, 2022. Seeds were planted the very next day. 

Thanks to a team of talented growers, trimmers, and the Chief Operations Officer, Dakota Natural Solutions is now home to hundreds of 100% organic plants. The different classrooms in the school allows them to keep the plants separated in each stage of their growth. But most importantly, we can say we are growing cannabis in a school

"The School Full of Cannabis"

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